What does an Air Conditioning Blower Motor do

Ever wonder how the air used to keep your home cool and comfortable comes out of your AC system? You can thank your system’s blower motor. Located deep inside your air conditioner, this unseen component plays a crucial role in making cooling comfort possible.

How an AC Blower Motor Works

Your home’s air conditioner can’t work if there isn’t any air moving throughout the system. That’s where the blower motor comes in. This is what drives the large fan used to move air through the AC system. This, in turn, allows air to not only flow over the evaporator coil, but also move through the ductwork to reach the various rooms in your home.

Different Types of Blower Motors

Most air conditioning systems will have a single-speed or variable-speed blower motor driving the fan. Both types have their own unique features and advantages:


Just as the name suggests, single-speed blower motors run at a single, set speed when turned on. As a result, there are just two states for a typical single-speed blower motor: on and off. These motors also run full-tilt at 100 percent of their rated speed.

Most manufacturers use single-speed AC blower motors to lower the cost of their AC equipment. You’ll also find them in older AC units. However, these units draw considerably more power than a comparable variable-speed blower fan.


In contrast, variable-speed AC blower motors can run at a varying range of speeds. These motors feature electronics that help regulate motor speed, making them more versatile than your typical single-speed blower motor.

There are several upsides to having a variable-speed blower motor in your home’s AC system:

  • Better efficiency – Variable-speed blower motors save energy by drawing less current than other motors.
  • Better airflow – These motors can run continuously at very low speeds, allowing for constant air circulation while making for a more comfortable indoor environment.
  • Reduced noise – Lower speeds also mean less noise from your AC system – an advantage you’ll appreciate at night or whenever you need a quiet moment.

AC Blower Motor Maintenance

Just like any other component in your AC system, your blower motor needs occasional maintenance to perform at its best. For instance, your HVAC technician may lubricate the blower motor to ensure it turns freely as well as check the fan blades for damage.

Dirt and debris buildup can also hurt your AC blower motor’s performance. Keeping the area around your air conditioner clean can help reduce this likelihood. Other issues that can also impact your blower motor include worn-out bearings, failed resistors and relays, damaged wiring and overheating caused by obstructions.

AC Blower Motor Help from the Pros

Whether you’re having trouble out of your AC blower motor or just want to upgrade, the experts at Essential Air Conditioning can help. Our qualified HVAC technicians can help you discover the best air conditioning solutions for your home, including an upgrade to a variable-speed blower motor. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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