The Top 10 Most Common AC Repairs for Home HVAC Systems

It doesn’t take much to notice that something’s wrong with your AC system. If something’s amiss, then it’s time to call on the professionals to properly diagnose and restore your AC to peak form. After all, could you imagine life in Florida without AC?

Here’s a list of the top 10 AC repairs you’ll likely run into throughout the life of your air conditioner.

1. Air Filter

Clogged air filters are among the most common issues for Florida homeowners. This issue can reduce your AC system’s airflow, leading to reduced efficiency and comfort. Fortunately, timely air filter changes can help you avoid these problems and the service call that follows.

2. Evaporator/Condenser Coil

Dirty coils not only block off airflow, but they’re at greater risk of rust and corrosion over time. Coil cleaning can help restore and even improve AC performance.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

Pinhole leaks and worn-out O-rings can cause refrigerant leaks, putting an end to your cooling comfort unless you take action.

4. Condensate Drain and/or Drain Pan

Broken or poorly installed condensate drain lines can cause water leaks inside and around your AC unit. The same goes for a cracked or rusty condensate drain pan. Mildew and algae buildup can also cause problems.

5. AC Compressor

Even the most reliable of AC systems will need compressor repair or replacement at some point. Most compressor issues are caused by wear and tear or neglect.

6. Thermostat

Battery-operated thermostats can lose power as battery life decreases with time and use. Other common problems include damaged wiring and issues caused by poor placement during installation.

7. Blower Fan

When your blower fan stops working, that spells the end of any airflow in your AC. Whether it’s a faulty motor, a broken belt or damage to the fan itself, you’ll want to address these issues ASAP.

8. AC Capacitor

Random shutoffs, humming noises and trouble starting a cooling cycle are just some of the symptoms of a failing AC capacitor. Capacitors give your AC the extra power it needs to start properly, which makes this an important component to have serviced.

9. Fuses and Circuit Breakers

These devices help regulate the flow of electricity to your AC’s electrical components, protecting them from potentially expensive damage. Blown fuses and damaged circuit breakers can signal bigger problems with your AC.

10. Defrost Controls

Faulty defrost controls can cause ice to build up inside your AC or heat pump, leading to degraded performance and reduced comfort.

Got a Problem? Call the Experts

No matter what’s wrong with your AC, you’ll want a trusted HVAC technican to take care of it right away. The pros at Essential Air Conditioning are always ready to tackle AC issues, no matter how big or small. Contact our team to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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